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Wednesday, 13 November 2019 / Published in Social Media Marketing in Branson

A good Social Media Marketing Strategy should help you achieve the objectives you have set for your business. For this it has to be dynamic, so that it can adjust to the variations that occur in the media every day.

In this blog post I will share with you the 15 fundamental tips to improve your Social Media Marketing. Here you will know the aspects that you should consider and the techniques that you have to use to boost your campaign in the Social Networks. Do not forget to save this post in favourites!

  1. Attracts the attention of users with Infographics

People love infographics! They are able to summarize data and present it in an attractive and didactic way, all at once. Therefore I advise you to include this kind of graphic products in your blog posts.

Now, it is fair that you ask yourself: how do I make an infographic? Fortunately, today it is not necessary to be a designer to compose this kind of graphics . Thanks to online tools like Canva , you can create them very easily.

  1. Keep your content always fresh

An excellent strategy to get the most out of your content is to always keep them updated. For this I recommend, first of all, review your articles in search of those that have received more acceptance from the audience. Once you have found them, you must apply the necessary updates (for example, add data that has emerged after its publication).

Once your most successful posts are ready, you can re-publish them on your social networks. You can use Postcron to schedule entries on Facebook , Twitter and other social networks, so that they are published on the day and time you determine.

  1. Take advantage of your blog!

As you know, in the matter of Social Media Marketing “content is king “. Indeed, it is he who enables you to give users added value. Now, I recommend that you keep in mind that your blog posts can have different formats, in other words … be creative!

Thus, according to your needs you can write short articles, photographic posts, longer texts, micro blogging and more. In all cases, it is important that your content is optimised to be displayed correctly on mobile devices, where a large part of the social media audience comes from.

  1. Use the social buttons

To boost the dissemination of your content, it is important that you give users a way to share your posts on their accounts and with their friends. This is what social buttons are for, which allow people to publish your posts on their Social Networks with the press of a button. If your blog is hosted on WordPress server, you can add them with AddToAny , a plug-in specially developed for that site.

  1. Organize contests and promotions

Organising promotions and contests on Facebook is an excellent way to honour your followers and entertain them at the same time. For this you can resort to the most important vespers of the year, such as Christmas or Mother’s Day. Being present on special occasions will help you look more human in front of your audience and will encourage people to associate your brand with happy moments.

  1. Work with Content Calendars for Social Media

It is important that you organize your efforts on social networks, so that you can carry out your marketing strategy with greater efficiency. To do this you have to make sure you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Working with a Content Calendar for Social Media allows you to sort the frequency of your publications and helps you make decisions regarding the content you are going to publish. To do this you must enter in it all the posts you are going to make each day, indicate the schedules and specify the distribution channels (Social Networks), among other data.

  1. Implement the Pin It button

You can take advantage of your daily browsing to get interesting content to share with your audience. How? Installing the Pin-It button. This is an extension for Chrome that allows you to send any photo you find on the Internet to Pinterest . It also adds a button to share on Pinterest whenever the pointer approaches the mouse to an image. Is the most!

  1. Program content to share with your audience

Many times it happens that when browsing the Internet you find articles, photographs and interesting information to post on Twitter, share posts on Facebook and share on your different social networks. To not forget to do so, I advise you to use the Postcron extension for Chrome . With this extension’s help you can easily schedule any content you find on the Web, to share it later with your audience on the day and time you prefer.

  1. Know your statistics on Social Networks

To know if your communication objectives in Social Media is working as you expect, it is essential that you get a return on your performance in each Social Network. Basically, it is about that you can analyze what your content is best received by the audience and at what times, so you can improve your publishing strategies with that reference. For this you can consult analytics tools such as the Facebook Insights of your Fan Page, Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics and others.

  1. Choose the best content to share with your audience

As we said many times, content is the best way to reach your audience and “conquer” it, so it is important! Therefore I advise you to focus your publications around the topics that most interest your followers. How to know what they are? Very simple! To do this you should consult BuzzSumo , an online tool that allows you to know very easily what are the most shared topics in Social Networks.

  1. Participate in the Conversations

A great strategy to reach your audience on Social Networks is to participate in the most popular conversations in your niche. Thus, according to the site in question, you can ensure that your publications appear linked to certain topics. For example, on Twitter you can do this by adding the corresponding #hashtag to your post. In addition, you can find out the most talked about topics on that Social Network by consulting the Trends panel.

  1. Interact with your audience

To establish a link with your followers, it is important that you behave in an interactive and responsive way. So, you should make sure you respond to the mentions you receive on Twitter whenever you can, as well as thank Likes and comments on Facebook, and other gestures of people in the other Social Networks. The idea is that you are grateful and close, as this will stimulate your audience to continue participating in your proposals. 

  1. Include calls to action in your publications

Many times asking your audience directly what you expect them to do is the easiest way to get it. I advise you to take the test! So, if you want to have more followers on Twitter, invite your audience to follow you on that Social Network from your other accounts. The same if you expect to earn more like or have people share your content. Remember: just ask for it!

  1. Use Twitter Cards

The Twitter Cards are the best way to add visual appeal to your tweets. When implementing each of your publications in that Social Network, it will display a degree, an image, some lines of text and a link to the article. Great! Don’t you think To implement them, you just have to add on your site the code that will be given to you by Twitter through this link.

  1. Disseminate your accounts on the Social Networks offline

A very important point to spread your brand through Social Networks is not to forget to promote your Social Media accounts offline. Thus, you can place your Facebook URLs, Twitter users and other data on your personal cards and brochures. It is also a good idea to place plots in the windows of your business and take advantage of all the spaces exposed to the public’s eyes.

With the help of these 15 tips you can improve your Marketing in Social Media. Incorporate them into your routines in Social Networks and do not forget to control your metrics using analytics tools.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019 / Published in Uncategorized
Cool Sales Funnel - Joe Bricky Media

Don’t feel bad if you’re not clear what a sales funnel is or how they work. Basically, a sales funnel is the lifecycle of taking a suspect and turning them into a raving fan. The funnel starts when they see your ad somewhere online and click on it. Or… it may start before that if you warm up cold suspects by providing videos on Facebook, Youtube or another platform.
Once they click on your ad, the game is on… and they are in your funnel. I use the term value ladder as do many marketers today. Not only are you sending them through your funnel… but you’re also sending them up the value ladder.

Ideally, you’ll provide them with some free or valuable information when they first enter your funnel and are at the bottom of the value ladder. Ideally, the more they digest, the more and more expensive items or services you offer them. The reasoning behind this is if you offer an expensive service or item before you’ve built trust and established your credibility in the customer’s mind, they are much more likely to say no and never consider you again. That’s why you start slow/free and build trust. The first time you offer them something for money is called a trip wire… and that’s where you get credit card info. After that, as long as your products/services continue to be useful… you can offer them bigger and better items.

That brings us to your core offer. Whatever your main product or service is… after you establish credibility and trust you can now offer it to your returning customer. At this point, you’re way down the funnel and near the top of the value ladder. Finally, you can offer your high ticket items to your clients. These could be a range of different products or services, but these people believe in you and if they have money, they will spend it.

What we do is guide our clients and build effective sales funnels so customers move smoothly through and up the funnel and ladder. We help our clients understand what are good lead magnets, when to offer a trip wire and core offer. We help them find their ideal customer and offer the best products for those customers. So, if you’re looking for high converting funnels and the guidance to explode your online sales… we can help.

Just click this link and get started today: Done For You Sales Funnels – Find Out More

Thursday, 14 March 2019 / Published in Uncategorized
Joe speaking

Trust. That’s it. End of article. Just kidding, but it could be. Trust is the #1 thing that branding does for you. People go to McDonalds, despite it being McDonalds because they know what to expect. People buy Lexus because it ranks high in quality. They are confident it won’t break down. People choose Dell computers instead of saving $200 on one just like it because of the name. The brand. And, when people are looking for what you offer, if you don’t have a name they know, they usually go somewhere else.

That is why getting your brand out there is a must. But how do you do it when you are just getting started? I’m so glad you asked. I’m going to share with you some key moves you can make just starting out to grow your brand.

Social Media! Yes, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter are still your best bets when it comes to reaching customers. Linkedin is very popular among professionals and it’s a really good way to connect with other professionals. But, it’s not used nearly as much as FB and Instagram. And, Twitter is still very popular and a great way to build an audience. So, depending on the age range of your customers, the product and/or service you offer, one or two may be better than the others.

You have to build a presence. And, that presence must cultivate the fact that you are an expert in your field or your product is the solution to a problem they have. Your service can also be a solution… but the idea is you’re going to give tips to your customers… like I’m doing right here. And, here’s the big one. You need to show people that you’re not a small fry, and to do that you need to grow your audience to a respectable level. The way you do that is you follow and you friend. On Instagram and Facebook, there are spamming rules that you must adhere to or you will get your account deleted, so look them up. But, follow and friend away. On Linkedin, grow your connections. The more effort you put in to growing the accounts, the more credibility you will have. But, you must offer quality content.

The thing about FB tho, is that your friend page is separate from your professional page. But, the more friends you have, the easier it is to grow your professional page. What you need to do is move them from friend to follower by inviting them. Just don’t spam them. Once you get your friends to around 5000, which you can if you work at it… you should have close to 1000 follows on your professional page if you take the time to invite them or send them a personal note with an invite.

Social media is a great way to start building your credibility. After that, publishing a book is one of the best things you can do as a professional. People still see authors as experts whether you have a Phd behind your name or not. And, getting to best seller status, even on Amazon is a way to increase that credibility. I have a way to get my clients there, but it’s not something I share publicly. I’m happy to discuss it with anyone who would like to get published. Just reach out.

Public speaking about your subject is another way to gain credibility. Locally, there are many organizations who would let you talk to them. Reach out to the local groups and offer to share some expert knowledge. It will seriously increase your brand.

So, growing your social media presence and showing you’re the expert in your field are ways to increase your brand awareness and trust. Growing your business by offering Free samples and discounts or great deals on small items is part of what is called the value ladder. That also increases brand trust. Specifically, what it does is get people in the door. Once you show them you can deliver, they will buy bigger items from you. It takes a lot to grow a brand. Having a professional website with professional videos that show you in action and having credible testimonials all contribute to your business success. I hope this was enlightening. I’ll be sharing more insights in the coming months. If you are looking for a marketing department at a price you can afford, reach out. I’d love to help you succeed.

Thursday, 14 March 2019 / Published in Uncategorized
Joe Bricky Media

This morning, I was talking to Christina, the local U.S. Bank manager here in Branson and we were discussing sales, and one of the major principles of excelling in sales came up, and that’s the concept of fishing v. hunting. I think most of us know the old bible saying that goes, “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but teach him to fish and he’ll eat for life.” That reminded me of how people think sales is like hunting.

When you hunt, you get your rifle or bow and you go looking for the game. When you do that, you hike through the woods as quietly as possible, but more often than not, the game sees or smells you coming and it runs. In sales, suspects and prospects can smell you a mile away and can sense you’re selling. So, what do those people do just like a hunted animal? They run. Then you go chasing after them and that makes them run even faster. In sales, it makes you annoying and they shut their doors, never to open them again. If you don’t want to be that guy or gal, you have to change your idea about what sales should be. It’s not hunting, it’s fishing.

In my book, Online Marketing Secrets (available on Amazon.com) I talk about this and a lot more to help people understand the difference. So, let’s look at fishing. I’m not talking about standing on the bank with a bobber in the water, a lawn chair and an ice chest full of beer. That’s not fishing. That’s hoping. you’re sitting there hoping to catch a fish. That’s no way to sell either. You can’t put up a shingle on a store front and hope people come in. You may as well be chasing them through the woods. They’re not just going to come in unless you’re paying a seriously high rent in a popular place. But, if do the following, you’ll catch fish… in this case… clients and customers.

A real fisherman gets the right lure, a fish finder, a boat that can take him to where the fish are, and guess what… he almost always catches fish. In sales, you have to get the right bait. And what is the right bait? Something your customer wants. Something that solves a problem for them. And, in sales, you have to figure out where your customers hang out. Whether it’s online or locally, who are your customers and where do they hang out? That’s your fish finder. If you are not sure, you have to do some homework. If you blanket advertise, you’re throwing money away. In today’s online world and even locally, you shouldn’t throw advertising dollars at people who don’t want your product. That’s hunting. You should throw advertising dollars, specifically at your target audience. That’s fishing.

As for bait, a good deal on a valuable product or service can be very enticing. A limited time offer that stacks value is also a great way to get your potential customer’s attention. If you offer a great product at a competitive price, you will be able to deliver what you promise. And, remember, fish…. don’t hunt. But, to be successful, figure out who your customers are, entice them with bait you know they want, focus your advertising on people who want what you’re selling. And, finally… build your brand so you stand out from the crowd and they choose you instead of your competition.